The word BUT can kill you


This word has more power than we realize.  It has so much power it keeps us sick. It keeps us heavy, stressed out and on medications.  The word BUT keeps us down, lethargic, chronically ill and depressed.  Anytime you use the word BUT in a sentence that has to do with your health- it completely shuts down any opportunity for you to reach a goal or get to the next level with your health.

The word BUT debilitates us mentally, physically and spiritually.  It limits us, critically.  The word BUT can kill us.

That last sentence is heavy I know.   Its also true.  The word BUT contributes to the fact that the Number 1 cause of death in our country is heart disease and the number 3 cause is ‘Preventable Medical Errors’.  How does it contribute?

This is how…

“I want to get off my medications BUT my doctor says I have to be on them for the rest of my life.”

*Fact:  90% of those who completed our RECREATE 365 Program to restore their health have gotten off between 3-9 medications on average.

“I want to lose weight BUT its so hard”
*Fact: So is being heavy, sick and tired.  The average weight loss in our clinic with our wellness partners is between 12-45 pounds.
“I want to eat clean, BUT I don’t have time to prep and eat healthy”

“I want to restore my health, feel better, but I need to think about it.”

BUT, BUT, BUT all over the place.  Your BUTS will limited you.  BUT will shut down your goals and obliterate your dreams every time.  One of my favorite gurus, Les Brown says, “The word BUT is an argument for your limitations, and every time you argue for your limitations, you win.”  And your limitations will get you just that – Limited.  Your BUTS will keep you sick and heavy.

Lose the BUT!  It lives in your mind, it shapes your thoughts and it wins every time.

Here’s 3 simple steps to obliterate the BUT:
1. Notice that your thoughts are limiting by the use of the word BUT.
2. Realize it is an excuse and you can decide to take a different course.
3. Change the thought to serve you, and to help move you forward in attending to you health.

Here’s an example:  
“I want to turn my health around, but I don’t have the money or the time.”

Listen, you can’t afford to be sick in this country.  You also do not have time to be sick in this country.

Change the thought to:
“I want to turn my health around so I will budget the money, invest in myself and make it a priority every day.”
Can you feel how inspiring, uplifting and freeing the second thought is?
Oh- hold on, I know what you are saying in your head right now as you are reading this… “But Judy, I really don’t have the money.  I really AM super busy.”
Really?  Do you have the money and time to get your hair done?  Your nails done? Go shopping and buy clothes at the mall?  Do you ave the money and the time to go out to eat, get a Starbucks every other day?  Answer those truthfully and it will become clear to you that you DO have the money, you DO have the time… You just aren’t making your health a priority.

Hard truths- but that’s how we break through limiting beliefs!

I encourage you to practice the three steps above and see if you can obliterate the word BUT out of your vocabulary.  It could save your life.  Take the first step and come to Dr. Bradley Kobsar’s seminar on Health and Weight Loss.  Start now removing the BUT.
Dr. Bradley Kobsar, “Weight Loss Myth Buster” Presents:
Weight Loss and Health Solutions
Tuesday May 30th 6pm

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