My BFF Is A Met RESET Rockstar!!

Weight Loss Success Story

She wanted to feel better about herself.  She wanted to be proud of herself.  She wanted to be as she called it, “A better me.”  Barbara Patania was feeling hopeless before she made the decision to try my weight loss program.  I have known this girl all my life and when she commits to something, its as good as done.   I won’t ‘sell’ anything to my friends.  Infact, I don’t ‘sell’ anything to anyone.  I share information that I think can help them and they decide if they are ready to move forward or not.  When it comes to our health and our bodies, we have to be fully READY to make a change, otherwise we’ll just spin our wheels, waste our time and our money.  I don’t like to see that with anyone.

Barb and I had talked about the program a few times and then I let it go to simmer with her.  When she’s ready, she’ll bring it up.  And she did, a few weeks later.   “I decided I can be disciplined for 30 days, but it just got easier to keep going as the pounds came off.  It’s nice to have people in your life be truly proud of you and to be proud of myself.” Says Barb.

Barb started the program after Christmas, Dec 2015 at 161 pounds.  Today she’s a thriving 129 pounds, 52 years old, and feels great. I am so proud of her!  She is my Met RESET Rockstar!!

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