Judy Pearson Kobsar

1-judy-sit-fwdJudy Pearson Kobsar is a spirited speaker and wellness expert specializing in Nutrition, Longevity and Optimized living. She is quickly becoming one of California’s most sought after speakers on any topic wellness related and on Dr. Kobsar’s Recreate Program.

Spirited Speaker and Functional Nutrition Specialist

By providing simple and concise steps to recreating your health, Judy has the ability to inspire and teach with clarity and purpose.  Using her unique backgrounds in Fitness, Theater and Dance, Life Coaching and Health Coaching, she brings a fresh and innovative approach to her classes, workshops and seminars.

Judy received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  Along with studying over 100 Dietary Theories, she is also trained in a variety of the latest lifestyle coaching methods.  She is a Nutritionist, a Certified Holistic Health Coach,  a Certified Wellness Practitioner with The National Wellness Institute and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Stress equals aging. Reduce stress in all its forms, and aging suddenly slows – dramatically. 

This is the message that Judy Pearson Kobsar carries with her at all times.  She also shows you how to do it with her approach to Wellness and Functional Medicine.

For Information on Speaking Availability contact hawccinfo@gmail.com or call 925-984-2432