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Lisa Brereton:  “I was on 8 medications when I came to HAWCC. Now I am off all of my medications and I feel great. I’m so grateful for what you’ve done for me and for all that I have learned to do for myself.  I am so happy that I am not sick anymore.  Thank you so much.”


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Rohini M: “I had diabetes for 2 years before I came to Dr. Kobsar.  I didn’t even know you could reverse Diabetes!  My blood sugar used to be 240, now it’s below 100 every day and I have energy at the end of the day to play with my kids and enjoy life.”

Janice Frawley:  “This program has been a life changing experience for me.  I don’t have Depression anymore and I have hope when I didn’t before.  I would recommend RECREATE 365 to everybody… I wish all my loved ones would do this program.”

Rickey T:  “I was really stressed- a lot of sleepless nights and I slept until 10 or 11 every morning and wake up lethargic.  I learned how to manage stress through meditation and breathing.  I learned to eat foods that are right for me. I lost weight and have so much energy, mental clarity and I get up early and face the day with vigor and enthusiasm!”

Barb Patania: “I have been coming to Dr. Brad for 13 years and now my entire family comes for Wellness Care.  I am so grateful for Dr. Kobsar and his staff, they keep my family thriving!” 

Ellen R. “My daughter suffered a serious knee injury, Dr. Kobsar taught us the importance of ‘pre-hab’ before her surgery and worked with her.  Then he and his team facilitated her re-hab after surgery.  She’s better than ever.” 

Tami Carver Nurse Practitioner: “I came to HAWCC for Health Coaching and then I brought my kids for headaches. Not only are the headaches GONE, but Dr. Kobsar taught them easy home care to keep their headaches at bay.  I love this place!” 

Lev R. “ I needed some type of “cleanse”. Being rather skeptical, I thought I can do it on my own. Boy was I wrong. I embarked on a detox and got a tremendous energy boost and my arthritis pain is gone. One key is the personal support and coaching.” 

Elizabeth Unpingco “I was eating everything but didn’t know how to stop.  My allergies were – horrible and caused me to miss work, yell at my family, sleep a lot, unable to breathe – pure misery.  Now all allergies disappeared!   That never happened with any allergy medicine I’ve taken – and I’ve tried all of them!  I discovered, how sensitive I am to certain foods and have cut down on them.  Thank you!  I am a new woman!!” 

Stephane Dalle, Ballet Master National Ballet of Poland“Dr Kobsar has been pivotal to my career as a Principal Dancer while in the U.S.A. I was able to dance as Principal with Ballet San Jose until I turned 40 years old.  He gave me the treatments I needed and taught me the exercises necessary for recovery with meticulous technique.  I continue to recommend dancers to his care.  As the “Dancer’s Doctor”, there is no other I trust.”

Marcie Ryken, Director Los Gatos Ballet School and Company : “I am thrilled to have Dr. Kobsar work with our dancers.  I believe in the importance of educating dancers to maintain health and well being.  Dr. Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and information to the girls, giving them a deep understanding of their individual needs and provides a program to ensure they achieve their goals. I feel fortunate to have Dr Brad as part of our team and program, to dancers an opportunity to reach new heights. ”

Raymond Rodrigues, Principal Ballet Master Ballet San Jose : “Dr. Brad Kobsar has been a savior in my recovery from injuries.  He understands the demands that a dancer puts on his/her body and works to get you back on stage as quickly and safely as possible.  Having worked closely with Dr. Kobsar for the past 14 years has educated me on what it takes to maintain healthy, peak performance.  He ALWAYS goes the extra mile in his care for his patients, setting the “barre” high in my eyes!”

Gary Masters, Artistic Director sjDANCEco, Dean Of Dance San Jose State University: “Dr. Brad Kobsar has been a ‘god send’ to countless dancers in the San José/ South Bay community for many years. For our company and the dancers at San José State, he has treated and guided them to fuller and better use of their physical instruments. During performances, he is backstage ensuring each dancer is able to perform at their peak. His positive manner, innate knowledge,  talent and deep concern for dancers is a rare and cherished gift. Thank you Brad!”

Sara King, Associate Director Visual Rhythm Dance Company: “Dr. Kobsar is truly ‘The Dancer’s Doctor’.  He has kept our dancers and myself healthy and performing at top levels for over 10 years.  His ability to diagnose and treat our injuries quickly and safely is unmatched.  Our dancers come away with education to keep us healthy and we instill his exercises into our Company Classes and Master Classes.  We are so grateful for the Dancers Doctor!”

Maria Basil, Associate Director sjDANCEco : “I have known Dr. Brad for years and he’s assisted me in a number of miraculous recoveries from dance related injuries. I am grateful for his profound understanding of the needs of a dancer and the quick turn around time. As director of sjDANCEco, professor at SJSU and De Anza College, I send my dancers to “the dance doctor” first because I know they will get the best of care.  Many heartfelt thanks to Dr. Brad.”

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