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There’s no reason why your 20s should be your peak years. Your “Metabolic Age” can stay in your 20’s for three, four or five decades! But in order to live that way, you must stop practicing the mistakes that cause METABOLIC SYNDROME repeated mistakes that eventually make damage recovery and rejuvenation impossible.”                   

If you could wave a magic wand and remove fat from any area of your body, where would it be? If you’re like 99% of people, it is your belly or hips. These areas are the cause for intense feelings of low self – esteem. Traditional Exercise is Over. Ever since commercial gyms like Bally’s and 24-Hour Fitness opened their doors, people have been training with slow tempos. It makes us feel like we really worked our muscles. And if muscles feel like they’re burning, that means fat loss is just around the corner, right? Wrong. Fat loss happens when we Boost Your Metabolism, right down to your very cells!

Those Gym or TV Workouts Are Not The Cure… they are the disease. They deplete energy and ravage your tissues with disease-causing chemicals that age your body.  The breakthrough isn’t a new “gadget” or “magic” pill. No Shakes! No Bars! No Drugs! No pre- package foods! Scientists discovered several key “prime of life genes” can be awakened to:

  • Reduce your metabolic age.
  • Burn 2000 – 4500 calories per day
  • Lose (minimum of) 20 pounds in 40 days, guaranteed ... No other program says that.

4 Phases to transform your metabolism

PHASE 1: Revive! We pour metabolic espresso into your body to reactivate your dormant metabolism and ready your transform your body into a fat, calorie-burning machine.

PHASE 2: Reset!  Prepare for weight loss from the place that will make you the happiest: Your FAT CELLS. Most folks are stuck using sugar and carbs for fuel. That’s a huge problem because you’re only able to store about 2,000 calories as sugar &/carbs… but over 135,000 as fat! Your metabolism needs to learn to burn sugar and fat to TURBOCHARGE Fat Burning. Your metabolism is rewired to burn fat and carbs.

PHASE 3: Reprogram! Phase 3 is hours of fat burning while sleeping, watching TV, or just hanging out. The Aftershock Effect keeps your metabolism working out up to 48 hours. Your body is rejuvenating itself on autopilot. Your work is done in just 15 minutes. For 1-2 days after your workout, your muscles are firming and fat is disappearing.

PHASE 4: Reclaim!  Your youthful metabolism is taking over! You are burning fat and building muscle like a twenty something athlete. Looking and feeling 1, 2, even 3 decades younger. You feel as fresh as when you were in your biological prime!

The Roadmap to Fitness for Those 30 and Older:

  • Takes Minutes, not Hours.
  • Fast Results, not Frustration.
  • Done Anywhere, not at Gym.
  • Burn Fat, not Muscle.
  • Lift your Energy, not Exhaustion.
  • Less Hunger

It’s a Metabolic Time Machine: Reset the production of 5 age defying molecules that we produced in our prime to time warp your metabolism. Remember when we could eat without having to worry about putting on weight? Remember when we could move freely without muscle aches or inflamed, swollen joints? Five molecules protect your body from virtually every serious disease that spread rapidly as we age. It ravages our body by attacking our cells and affects how fast we age. When we were kids, our bodies were flooded with them. Why? Because we moved all the time. Then we stopped!

The RESULT: these health-protective molecules went dormant. So, our body moves slower, have restless sleep, put on weight easily and have less spunk. Some people say, well that is part of “growing older.” Your metabolism grows older because you let it, not because it has to. Thanks to the annals of metabolic science, success stories have become the “new ordinary”:

  • Retirees are returning to their prime, lean, calorie-burning, enjoying newfound “drive” and got back their spirit. All while their buddies struggle to get out of bed.
  • Empty-nesters are re-entering their prime and dropping pant and dress sizes in a matter of weeks… some report being mistaken for the “brother” or “sister” of their children thanks to their new youthful glow.
  • Busy parents from all walks of life are enjoying prime-of-life energy that reminds you of when you were a youngster, bounding about in a playful state, and full of optimism and excitement.

Do Any of these Conditions Apply to you?

  • Stubborn fat remains fixed to your belly, hips, thighs, and chest area and feels permanent, even hopeless.
  • Muscle tone is fading and parts of your body are just withering away before your eyes.
  • Fatigue has replaced the energy you used to enjoy and the only acceleration in your life is in your decline.
  • Sore muscles, squeaky joints. Forget about bending your knees or playing with the kiddos.
  • Hormonal Roller coaster leave you confused, hot, moody, exhausted.
  • Digestive distress and constipation its a normal part of growing old, deal with it, you’re past your prime!

Say Hello To Your 5 Metabolic Friends  When you generate all 5 superhero molecule, the Time Warp Effect kicks in

  1. IL-15 – Burns fat and enhances muscle and bone density.4 Only produced by Burst training.
  2. Nitric Oxide –Opens blood vessels for circulation to vital organs.5 Plus for guys: It’s the substance in those “little blue pills”.
  3. Lactic Acid – The Youth-Hormone Activator: Signals Testosterone 6… and fat burning Human Growth Hormone.
  4. IL-6 – is transformed from a deadly inflammatory molecule into a fat cell liberator…releasing stored fat you can burn for fuel!8   
  5.  IL-8 – The Blood Vessel Savior:  Resurrects and creates new blood vessels. 9

If you’re over 30 … Traditional Exercise Is Your Mortal Enemy. It’s too long,  hard on our body & accelerates aging. If you’re over 60 ….. you’re worried about retiring with a body that’s riddled with pain. You want to enjoy your golden years. Traditional exercise actually ages you faster due to oxidative stress. That’s a fancy way of saying it can rust from the inside out… by pushing your body too hard.

Your Body is Being Attacked by Inflammatory Molecules that Destroy our Health … as you age and your body starts producing dangerous, inflammatory molecules. These molecules are also produced if you exercise too long. The scientific names for these molecules are IL-6, TNFa, and IL-1. They sound innocent, yet creates a nightmare environment in your body:

Toxic Inflammation Is At The Heart Of Weight Gain, Aging And Virtually Every Disease

  • Heart Attack : 100% Increased Risk! 11
  • Type 2 Diabetes : 160% Increased Risk! 12
  • Skin Cancer :  70% Increased Risk! 13
  • Alzheimer’s : 184% Increased Risk! 14
  • Dementia : 45% Increased Risk! 15

INFLAMMATION IS A FIRE IN YOUR CELLS. One that’s fueled by toxins. Medical experts everywhere agree: inflammation is at the heart of virtually every disease known to mankind. Disease is accelerated by inflammatory molecules and your body eats at your muscles and organs to survive. And here is what’s worse … Fat Cells Release Toxins That Age and inflame our Body. The last thing you need is a billion fat cells that are toxic sewage dumps due to toxins in our food, air and water.

Are YOUR Fat Cells Leaking? Instead of releasing healthy fatty acids for you to burn as energy, they release inflammatory molecules such as IL-1 and TNFa.16 These “septic” molecules are like acid, in our system, and dissolve cells and age us rapidly. They also create Diabetic Liver so you can no longer process sugars or carbohydrates and you get fat and sick. And your risk for diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and Cancer skyrocket!

The “Metabolic Superheroes” You Can Reset the Metabolic Superheroes Regardless of Your Age. When these molecules were first discovered, researchers assumed that they were gifts of youth. They were WRONG. In the late 2000s, scientists connected the dots to MPA production. It turned out that it wasn’t “youth” driving the creation of MPAs. 

Youth Cocktail: a specific diet, micro-burst exercises and sub-lingual drops we call Metabolic Reset because you awaken those dormant ‘youth genes’ and produce the MPAs that return you to your prime. We put it to the test with people, ranging from 13 to 87 years of age. I’m not a fan of quick fix programs, BUT I have come to see over the past 25 years that there are times when people need fast, visible results in days not months – my reputation depends on it.

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